YouTube Basics for Beginners

YouTube videos reach billions of users every minute. According to the site’s latest stats, YouTube now has more than a billion users who watch hundreds of millions of hours of video to create billions of views. YouTube is currently the most popular website with local versions of the site in more than 88 countries. Almost everyone on the planet can use YouTube in their own tongue since the site is now available in 76 different languages, which mean it now covers around 95 percent of online population.

Looking at these numbers, YouTube is a great opportunity to get your message out especially if you have a blog, a product or service to promote online. YouTube allows you to upload videos easily for free. But to make YouTube work for you, it takes planning, a lot of practice and following some simple beginners tips. Here are some useful tips to get you started on the right path.


Making a YouTube video

There are a lot of YouTube guides written by marketers, businessmen, managers and online experts. But it really boils down to this one simple rule in making a YouTube video: your video has to captivate your audience. So it goes without saying that your video has to provide what your audience needs. At the same time, consider some other crucial factors such as video quality, number of views, watch time, audience retention, likes, comments, and subscribers.

Using the right audio and video equipment also counts. Viewers will appreciate good audio and well-produced videos although they don’t need to be of professional quality. You achieve great results with a smartphone. But if you want to achieve a more professional look, some of the video equipment could invest in is a DSLR camera, video lighting kits (most kits come with lighting equipment, stands, dimmers, nets and metal screens) and microphones.  

If you don’t have a good video camera or recording equipment, consider getting professional help in shooting your videos or you may rent equipment.


Optimizing your YouTube video

If you are promoting a new weight loss supplement for instance, include reasons why your audience should buy your product and what they can get out of it. Highlight these benefits in your video using case studies, actual recommendations and testimonials from your customers.

Promoting your video actually starts from the time you post your video on the site. You will be asked to categorize your video before it even goes live, so make sure you place your video in one of the corresponding categories.

So going back to the weight loss supplement video example, this could easily fall into the “Howto & Style” category, especially if your video has this kind of theme. But you can choose from more categories and thus reach more viewers. This could fall in the “Science and Technology” section, supposing your video also provides information on how fat is actually burned using your supplement. It could also be categorized as “News & Politics” should your video contains ground breaking news about weight loss.


Sharing your YouTube videos

There are a lot of options for sharing your videos. If you own a blog, you could embed your video on your website using your blog creation platform. WordPress lets you do this painlessly as well as other free blog platforms such as Blogger and Wix.

Wix even lets you share your blog, including your videos through your social media account such as Twitter and Facebook. A share link is available when you’re done writing your blog.


Promote your YouTube channel

Promoting can be done online or offline. You can place the link of your YouTube channel page in your social media posts such as when you comment or post on Facebook or Twitter. You may also share your channel in forums, in relevant blog sites (as you comment on the comments section) and also in your emails.

Paid advertising means hiring a professional to help reach more viewers and customers. One way is to use a paid ad campaign using AdWords to promote your YouTube channel. Paid ads will attract more viewers who may have not found your channel yet. And of course you won’t have to pay a steady monthly rate; you will only need to pay for the service once a viewer clicks on your ad.


So there you have it. A few easy tips to help beginners make the most out of their YouTube videos.

A billion customers are waiting for your business on YouTube. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Make videos that matter and see how YouTube can become an awesome marketing tool for your products or brand online!