5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan or Risk Staying Behind

If you are not using videos to market your products, services or brand, then you may be missing out on an effective way to reach more customers in a short amount of time.  According to a property development website, home buyers prefer to watch videos rather than view photos to decide on which property to purchase. The site also mentioned that around 90% of home buyers use the web to check out properties and ultimately to make smart buying decisions.

Think of all these missed opportunities if you haven’t included video marketing in your marketing communications arsenal. You don’t just lose customers; you also risk losing them to your competitors. Here are 5 reasons to why video marketing is crucial to your business:


  1.     Video is 600 percent more effective than print

A study by Diode Digital revealed that people would usually click on a video first before reading related texts. In fact 60% of site visitors will click on a video if available.

  1.     People remember videos better

Online Publishers Association has observed that around 80% of viewers were able to remember videos that they have watched in the past month. People also tend to look for videos of a product before they make a purchase. These numbers were from 2007; imagine how impacting videos are today!

  1.     One minute of video is worth a million words?

It may sound cliché, but if a picture is worth one thousand words, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million according to Forrester Research! In fact, business owners and marketers save time, money, and effort in promoting products when they use video marketing. Bottom line – you can do more with less using video.

  1.     Videos make your business look professional

According to Invodo, more than 50% of shoppers feel more confident in purchasing products when they view a related video. Online Publishers Association’s survey also revealed that a large percentage of shoppers are likely to look for additional information for a product after watching a video.

  1.     Videos are shared a thousand times more than posts and plain articles

Simply Measured revealed that videos are shared 1200 percent times more than actual texts and links. According to Diode Digital, video viewers will even click a share feature on the video if this is available. Still a relevant report also said that more than 90% of mobile users share videos with friends and family.


Convinced? Don’t get left behind in the online marketing race. Use video marketing on your next marketing campaign and easily overtake your competition.
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