Unlock 80% more views globally with multilingual YouTube videos without your message getting lost in translation

Unlock 80% more views globally with multilingual YouTube videos without your message getting lost in translation

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In this fast-paced session we will:

  • Conduct a 5-point YouTube audit
  • Identify content optimization and localization fixes
  • Identify audience opportunities

  • Outline a quick-start GLOBALIZATION plan
  • Conduct a digital footprint analysis

  • Review your industry opportunities
  • Conduct a 5-point YouTube audit
  • Identify some quick fixes
  • Develop a quick-start GLOBALIZATION plan
  • Conduct a 5-point YouTube audit

  • Identify content localization fixes

  • Identify audience opportunities

  • Outline a quick-start GLOBALIZATION plan

We Offer You

Global Reach & Local Connection

Benefit: Our expert team produces culturally resonant videos that connect with viewers on a local level so you can grow your business by tapping into YouTube’s vast global audience.

Multilingual Mastery

Benefit: Break language barriers effortlessly. We specialize in creating captivating, multilingual YouTube ads that speak directly to diverse audiences. From translation to cultural nuances, we ensure your message is embraced globally and not misunderstood, opening doors to new opportunities.

Data-Driven ROI

Benefit: Maximize your results with our data-centric approach. We analyze YouTube metrics to fine-tune your campaigns. Watch as your views, inquiries, and conversions soar, translating into real, measurable business growth.

The APEX difference

We think globally and connect locally!

We are a premium boutique YouTube Agency with Big Agency experience located right in the heart of Europe. We work with a select group of clients at a time so we that we can offer you personlized hands-on service, just as if you had your own in-house Video Marketing Department.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Global Vision, Local Impact: While we think globally, our geographic location near Zurich places us strategically within arm’s reach of multilingual European markets. This means we can future-proof your videos for diverse audiences, testing and launching YouTube video ads in key marketplaces.
  2. Multilingual Mastery: We are masters in multilingual storytelling and tactical script writing. Our videos are not just educational, entertaining, and engaging—they’re inspirational. We craft content that drives brand awareness, conversions, and ultimately, sales.
  3. Precision Targeting: We don’t just get views; we get the right target audience, in the right place, watching your videos. Our video advertising campaigns boast a remarkable 40% view rate, surpassing double the average of Swiss and German YouTube view rates, with over 70% viewer retention!
  4. Shareability: Our videos don’t just stop at views; they get shared. Our high share rates indicate that our content is not only effective but also compelling enough for viewers to share within their social networks. We extend the impact of your advertising budget at ZERO additional cost.
  5. Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost: Our campaigns deliver more impact than a full-page newspaper ad or a 30″ TV spot, offering unparalleled value for your money.

Elevate your brand with the power of multilingual video. Ready to grow your brand’s presence and drive conversions? Let’s take your videos outside your current market and unlock 80% of an untapped global audience.


YouTube Entrepreneurs

You are a YouTube channel with over 1000 Subscribers and want unlock your YouTube channel’s full potential by globalizing your video content but you don’t know where to start.

Retail Businesses

You are a thriving retail business with a great product. You have a YouTube channel and want to use it to become the authority in your niche. You want more leads on a global scale but need a personalised video marketing strategy.


You are an established brand locally but want to expand by opening doors to untapped markets internationally. You don’t just want to create video content; you want to elevate your influence and watch your brand soar to new heights!


Mr. Dokianos’ professional conduct and creativity are very noticeable, especially with our high-quality video productions and final deliverables. Our online marketing and media campaign was very successful, which resulted in reaching considerable new customers and consumer segments within a short space of time. I look forward to further joint projects with Mr. Dokianos and wish him continued success.

Sandro Schwager, Head of Business Group at AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG

April 2015 – Small business owners were shown “How to use online media effectively” by Tolis Dokianos. Given local small businesses struggle to communicate with communities online, he provided useful tips on how to use social media and video to effectively communicate to their target audience.

KMU Networking, Zürcher Unterland

Tolis Dokianos gave a presentation on ‘Understanding what video means for you and your business’ to Thunderbird Alumni in November 2016. He provided the latest information on why YouTube and Facebook video need to be an integral part of a company’s marketing communications strategy or risk staying behind. He also provided some little tips and tricks to T-birds who want to improve their company’s marketing, branding or lead generation capabilities.

Thunderbird, School of Global Management

In April 2016, business students at SBS in Zurich were given a presentation on personal branding and the use of video for marketing purposes. During the 90-minute session, Mr. Dokianos gave many relevant examples of video marketing cases, followed by a Q&A session, and paired students up to present their personal marketing strategies. Additionally, he offered students assistance with their own personal brand videos. We would like to thank Mr. Dokianos for his engaging presentation and wish him all the best and much success.

Swiss Business School, CEEMAN News, Issue 80, Summer 2016

Our video marketing project was very professionally planned and carried out. The team was very competent and experienced in video production. We were well advised by Mr. Dokianos with the selection and content of our videos. Likewise, these were then optimally distributed and advertised on YouTube and other social media. The campaign was a great success and made everyone happy. A great team! I highly recommend APEX Video Marketing. 5 Stars!

Patrick Keller, Owner, ATLAS Natursteine AG

Heartfelt thanks for the professional and creative collaboration. The videos are of excellent quality and have become a sensation – we get great pleasure from them. In addition, I was able to benefit greatly from the inspiring social media training. If you are looking for video marketing services that put your business in good light, we warmly recommend Tolis Dokianos of APEX Video Marketing!

Julia Bachmann, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, ATLAS Natursteine AG
Tolis has an exceptionally high level of professionalism, know-how and insights on how to deliver high quality video productions, and how to use the opportunities that video advertising offers in today’s new media world, which can be used to position your products and services. He has significant automotive experience and understands the processes and challenges in the sales and marketing world as well as the day to day operations of a dealer.
Morten Hannesbo, CEO, AMAG Group AG

Tolis is an amazing teacher and trainer, with poise and professionalism. I have worked with Tolis for a couple of years and observed his ability to adapt to each business environment – be it training, supportive or development.


Anna Roffey, Barrister - Civil, Commercial & Workplace Mediator

Tolis has a great presence – he can fully engage with you, he listens to you and you know that he is actually interested in helping you solve your issues.

Lisa Bridge, First Class Business Support

Tolis has a winning combination of experience, creativity, humour and professionalism, and the videos and social media pages that we produced with him have launched our company into the spotlight.

Beat Meyer, CEO, Expat Tax Switzerland
Tolis offers top notch support and never leaves you hanging when you need something while also offering “out-of-the box” ideas, which provide powerful brand awareness. Plainly put, Apex Video Marketing is a tremendous business partner whom I know I will be working with again in the future.
Patrick Evans, CPA, CGMA , Principal Consultant at US Tax Practice

Along with being a masterful presenter, Tolis’ generosity, both with his time and expertise, was clearly evident to the students and to myself as well; he tactfully answered questions and provided in-depth assistance and guidance as needed, and left a positive, lasting impression on the participants and attendees.


Jeremy Cruz, Ed.D., Program Manager at SBS Swiss Business School

I found Tolis to be the right person to not only manage my advertising, website, and SEO, but to also produce great videos and implement video marketing strategies and all the other things that go with it, like social media marketing. He is a pleasure to work with and has proven to be a great asset to my company.

Roland Beerli, Owner, OZ Bowling Zürich-Dielsdorf


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