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The Hyperpolyglot Video Marketing Authority On YouTube

APEX Video Marketing founder Tolis Dokianos speaks 8 languages and is a citizen of the world. Make him your multilingual partner for high-end video production and global audience growth on YouTube.

He’s your ambassador in localizing video content for international markets, making your videos watchable in many languages and diving deep into understanding foreign audiences without the burden of costly guesswork.

Align your brand with Tolis’s unparalleled worldly expertise. Leverage his skills to resonate and engage with global audiences, forging connections that translate into profits.

Our Clients

Who is Tolis Dokianos?

Tolis Dokianos is the owner of APEX Video Marketing. He is a seasoned video advertising producer and cross-cultural communications expert versed in 8 languages. Having previously managed and produced multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, he is dedicated to producing high value YouTube video ads and channel video content for businesses so that they can profit from YouTube’s vast global audience.

Tolis is as international as it gets! His wealth of worldly experience and multilingual talent mixed with business acumen and strategic skills, uniquely position him as an expert in producing localized YouTube videos that touch global audiences in a way they feel understood.

It’s not every day that you encounter a Greek who was born in Brazil with an innate ability to sound as American as apple pie, speak in British vernacular, speak French but appeal to Belgian audiences, or chat like a northern Italian one moment, gesticulate as a Roman-Italian the next, and can speak 3 languages simultaneously.

He has an extraordinary ability to integrate and make lasting relationships and establish profound connections with worldwide audiences driven by his insatiable curiosity about consumer behaviour, cross-cultural communication, and languages. His ability to dig deep into the heart of cultures ensures that your business not only communicates effectively but resonates on a profound level with your audience.

But choosing Tolis means more than just reaching a foreign audience; it means immersing your brand in a narrative that transcends borders. By truly understanding and seeking out local points of view, interests, opinions, and values, Tolis ensures that your videos create a connection that penetrates the core of your audience ensuring they feel deeply understood. This depth of understanding is not merely beneficial; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to thrive in a global landscape.

What’s the cost of not going global?

Leaving the ROI potential of 80% of non-English speaking viewers untapped.

Have Tolis be your ambassador to make your YouTube video content truly global.

Read what Industry leaders have to say:

Derral Eves
Derral Eves – YouTube Growth Strategist & Consultant – Wall Street Journal Best-selling author

“Tolis is a YouTube expert and talented video marketing professional. He puts a plan together methodically and gets results for his clients. He pays attention to detail and takes a deep-dive into clients’ core marketing communications challenges and comes up with a solid solution.

He leads the whole video marketing process from strategy to production, from launching campaigns, optimising media budgets, to measuring results and implementing best practices. He implements powerful video marketing campaigns that get views and conversions. His Audi A7 video ad campaign for AMAG (VW Group) in Switzerland was his best yet.

His international marketing experience and foreign language mastery position him as an international video marketing expert, especially in the automotive market. If you need successful video for your business, you’re in good hands with Tolis.”

Sandro Schwager

Sandro Schwager – AMAG Group Head of Operations Greater Zurich and Ticino Regions

“Mr. Dokianos demonstrated a professional and imaginative approach in his online marketing, which was also clearly visible in the end product, namely the high-quality video productions. His marketing campaign was highly successful and achieved a considerable reach within a short space of time, attracting new customers and customer segments.”

Are you ready to go global?

Even if you are an established YouTube creator, entrepreneur, or a business that wants to be the leading authority in your industry on YouTube, there might be one thing that is keeping you from scaling your business – reaching a global audience.


Tolis will develop a growth plan so you can scale and profit from YouTube’s global audience using his tried and tested G.L.O.B.A.L.I.Z.E framework.

What can you expect from Tolis?

Cross-Cultural Insight


Scaled Growth and ROI

When dealing with foreign cultures and languages, Tolis is able to see beyond subtitles, captions, and audio dubbing. He is able to ask the right questions when it comes to not only making your message understood, but making sure it is not misunderstood – there is a very big distinction between the two. He ensures that your communication avoids any faux pas by asking the right questions.

It all starts with understanding the fundamental problem an audience wants solved. Then he proceeds with the script writing process following a prescribed his proven YouTube GLOBALIZE framework. Tolis says, “It’s all in the research and in the script.” The video production brings it all to life with the goal of evoking the viewer and getting them to take action, which translates into conversions.

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We produce premium multi-language YouTube video ads and run campaigns that convert leads from a global audience.

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YouTube Channel Productions

Our multilingual YouTube video productions deliver your message for a global audience and grow your YouTube channel.

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We monitor your global fanbase by conducting regular YouTube audits and optimize your channel for growth.

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We show you how to make YouTube videos, monetize, and grow your channel with multilingual audiences.


Let’s take your videos around the world.

Tolis is driven by a passion for connecting with international audiences and crafting impactful stories. His extensive worldly experience and multilingual talent uniquely position you to connect with global audiences in a language that resonates.

80% of global viewers await your product or service to solve their problems.

Take his hand. Globalize your YouTube videos and reach new audiences that scale your ROI.