About Apex

We are an international team of experts
We are citizens of the world

We work together with your marketing team as a strategic and tactical partner. We’re an extension of your business, not an ‘outsourced’ agency.

Our Specialties


We have 10 years experience working in the automotive industry in sales and marketing especially working together with dealerships on the front line. We help you turn your vehicle stock around, optimise your advertising spend, and get your brand noticed.

Brand at Retail

We help local retail businesses grow their brand by engaging with the community and promoting their business with reputation marketing and video testimonials, which enhance credibility and generate leads.

International Product Launches

If you want to launch and market a new product, we can help you do this using an online video marketing and sales strategy using a bespoke launch formula, which helps you to build a marketing list for remarketing your product in multiple launch cycles.

Accounting, Financial, & Legal Services

We help you get new clients using targeted video advertising campaigns and producing optimised video content for organic search results. We also create additional revenue streams by introducing educational video marketing strategies with products that sell online.

Food Video Marketing

We love beautiful food. Whether you are a restaurateur, chef, entrepreneur, catering business, or a food brand, we combine the power of social and video marketing to get you in front of the right food community with tantalizingly visual marketing.  We work with those who want to cook for an audience, teach cookery, or start a YouTube channel.

Performing Artists

If you are a musician, cover band, or performing artist and need promotion, we create professional video marketing campaigns that tell your story to get you gigs at higher fees, without feeling like a sleazy salesman. We can also set up additional sales funnels for selling your music, videos, and merchandising.

We do more than just make videos

We create an integrated video marketing plan for your business. 

Here’s how we do it:

Peel back the Onion

Peel back the Onion

We start by getting to know your business. We peel back the onion by asking lots of questions! We determine your vision, listen to your goals, and identify your business challenges.

We then determine the right kind of marketing campaign for you and map out a video marketing strategy aimed at achieving your business goals. We get your buy-in and start setting up your campaign.

Click the record button

Click the record button

Our creative video team will create powerful videos for you. From storyboarding and scriptwriting in multiple languages, to finding the perfect voice over, music, jingles, doodles and animations.

We use special equipment like green screens, drones, Go Pro, and Digital Cameras, at onsite, offsite, and studio locations for our video shoots.

Get seen. Create a following.

Get seen. Create a following.

Once your videos are produced and approved, we upload your videos on YouTube, Facebook and website, and launch your campaigns.

Our targeted advertising will get your videos seen by thousands of local, interested customers at the right place and at the right time.

We also manage your Facebook page and YouTube channel in order to optimize them for best search results and organic listings on search engines like Google.

Be remembered

Be remembered

We use the power of a remarketing to remind people of your business after they’ve visited your website. We do this by serving them regular reminders in the form of videos and ads while they browse the internet.

Your brand will follow your audience along their journey, giving them a personalised and automated follow-up process, with relevant messages to help your business stay top of mind. This is more likely to trigger a customer reaction than traditional advertising.

Measure. Control. Improve. Grow.

Measure. Control. Improve. Grow.

We use tracking analytics to gauge the success of each advertising campaign. Once we’ve collected enough data, we use the insights to tweak, scale and optimize your campaigns for best results.

We typically take 2-3 weeks to collect enough quality data to make an initial campaign assessment. Because each market and each business is different, results do vary. This is why we start with a pilot campaign to determine how successful a video marketing strategy may be.

What our clients have to say

  • I found Tolis to be the right person to not only manage my advertising, website, and SEO, but to also produce great videos and implement video marketing strategies and all the other things that go with it, like social media marketing. He is a pleasure to work with and has proven to be a great asset to my company.

    Roland Beerli Owner, OZ Bowling Zürich-Dielsdorf
  • Along with being a masterful presenter, Tolis’ generosity, both with his time and expertise, was clearly evident to the students and to myself as well; he tactfully answered questions and provided in-depth assistance and guidance, as needed and left a positive, lasting impression on the participants and attendees.

    Jeremy Cruz, Ed.D. Program Manager at SBS Swiss Business School
  • Tolis offers top notch support and never leaves you hanging when you need something while also offering “out-of-the box” ideas, which provide powerful brand awareness. Plainly put, Apex Video Marketing is a tremendous business partner whom I know I will be working with again in the future.

    Patrick Evans, CPA, CGMA Principal Consultant at US Tax Practice
  • Tolis has a winning combination of experience, creativity, humour and professionalism, and the videos and social media pages that we produced with him have launched our company into the spotlight.

    Beat Meyer CEO, Expat Tax Switzerland
  • Tolis has a great presence - he can fully engage with you, he listens to you and you know that he is actually interested in helping you solve your issues.  

    Lisa Bridge First Class Business Support
  • Tolis is an amazing teacher and trainer, with poise and professionalism. I have worked with Tolis for a couple of years and observed his ability to adapt to each business environment - be it training, supportive or development.

    Anna Roffey Barrister: Civil, Commercial & Workplace Mediator.

Who we work with

We are selective with whom we work. Our primary requirement is you must believe in video and be ready to integrate it into your marketing communications.

Video is a powerful online content marketing tool. It helps to build your reputation, to engage with your community, create fans, and convert them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

To use video correctly you must look at it as a long-term commitment for your brand and company.  It’s not about quick wins. This is why we typically work with clients on a 12-month basis.

Mini productions and one-off campaigns may yield short-term success, but this is not our focus.

A long-term strategy is what establishes you as a visible authority in your market, which is why we require your business to be invested for the long haul and to commit to producing frequent video marketing content.

Our collaborations are about lasting relationships and trust.

Trust is built on open communication and reporting results. This means, allowing us to set up tools that track conversion, including use of data capture methods and call tracking phone numbers, to report campaign results. Analytics then provide the foundation for planning, tweaking, and implementing your next campaign.


Tolis Dokianos is the founder and owner of Apex Video Marketing.

He is a citizen of the world and speaks 7 languages. He has managed multi million dollar marketing and advertising budgets, is an accomplished public speaker and trainer, an amateur chef, and a self-confessed video marketing Geek!

Trusted Partners

  • Thomas
    Thomas Video Director - Germany
  • Greg
    Greg Videographer & Video Editor - Switzerland
  • Jack
    Jack Videographer & Video Editor - UK
  • Sue
    Sue Voice over artist - Australia
  • Roy
    Roy Voice over artist - Switzerland
  • Sue
    Sue Voice over artist - Australia
  • Roy
    Roy Voice over artist - Switzerland
  • Sue
    Sue Voice over artist - Australia
  • Roy
    Roy Voice over artist - Switzerland

We are an international team of experts. We are citizens of the world.

We love living and doing business in an international world bustling with cultural diversity.  This is why we specialise in international video marketing.

We connect businesses through visual creativity and strategic marketing communications online to bring your business in contact with real people who are looking for you, even if they don’t know it yet.

We are sensitive to intercultural differences and apply that in our local marketing communications. We are situated in the heart of Europe,  an ideal location to service existing business with an international mindset.


Work globally, connect locally.

We’ll help you connect with people through video marketing content that brings your business in contact with targeted audiences that will buy from you.

While remaining sensitive to intercultural differences, we’ll help you to increase the visibility of your brand in global markets and convert new prospects into customers.

Long term relationships and a long term strategy is what establishes you as an authority across global markets, and we’ll make that a reality as your strategic video marketing partner.

It’s time to stand out.

Let’s talk – no strings attached.

Have you been looking for a Video Marketing specialist to answer some of your questions? Gives us 30 minutes and we’ll show you the big picture!

It’s time to stand out.

Let’s talk – no strings attached.

Have you been looking for a Video Marketing specialist to answer some of your questions? Gives us 30 minutes and we’ll show you the big picture!