Meet our new intern Sophie Hildebrandt

Video Marketing in Switzerland is something that Swiss businesses are curious about but struggle to put into action.

I’m a Swiss Business School student majoring in Marketing and I just started my summer internship at APEX Video Marketing in Switzerland. Hands-on experience is very important to me because it will enable me to put to action knowledge and determine how to best promote video marketing for Swiss businesses.

I’m an enthusiastic and ambitious student. I lived in three countries and enjoy being surrounded by an international community of people from different cultures. Since University teaches mostly theory- based subjects, I am very happy to experience marketing in practice too. During my internship, I look forward to exploring video marketing, understanding the different types of strategies, and learning why they are crucial for consumer persuasion.

“I believe companies that use video have much more to learn about video marketing in Switzerland.”

One of my goals is to get hands-on experience with marketing video on social media platforms.  Most platforms support video and some are more user-friendly than others for marketing video. And yet, I find that video marketing today on social media is of great importance to businesses and consumers alike.

I was very intrigued to learn just how inexpensive it is to advertise on social media compared to traditional media. The famous serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck mentions just how underpriced it is. In fact, this is the biggest incentive for businesses interested in video marketing in Switzerland. So they would do well to jump on board before it’s too late.

There’s lots of opportunity for Video Marketing in Switzerland because it’s not used so much. I also believe that companies have much to learn about using it correctly. And so, one of my challenges is to analyse Swiss YouTube channels and Swiss video ads to a wide extent. In addition, I want to examine how modern video marketing strategies compare to ‘old- school’ TV marketing strategies.

Furthermore, I want to know why few businesses choose video as their primary way of marketing. Considering businesses all over the world need to attract people to their products and services, then why not be as magnetic as possible with video? And let’s not forget the cost benefit of video marketing.  The method of how businesses use video to promote products and services with appeal to consumers is something intriguing.  As a result, I definitely want explore this more during my internship at APEX Video Marketing.

“I find that effective communication with virtual teams is very important for working together successfully.”

During this internship, I would like to contribute to the effectiveness of communications within virtual teams.  Needless to say, communication is very important for working together successfully. Likewise, I expect to learn about the effects, insights and methods of video marketing in Switzerland by working with local businesses and will discover why video is evolving into very important channel of communication.

Finally, I look forward to making a difference by providing a fresh perspective as a millennial on trendy product categories and markets while debunking today’s misinterpretations about video marketing in Switzerland.

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