Video production for business just got easier!

Multi-camera video production seems costly, complex, and risky. Especially if you thought you only needed one camera!

But let’s face it.  If you’re in business, chances are you have considered making a video or two because you have an important story to tell, right? But how long have you been putting off video production or video marketing? Worried that it’s too expensive? Too time consuming? Too complicated?

Well… bring out the champagne and let’s celebrate! Mobile multi-camera video recording and editing is the next revolution in professional-grade video production at a low budget. And it’s a breeze!

It’s ideal for businesses big and small, for the YouTube creator, the self-employed or the shoe-string entrepreneur, the start-up, the martial artist or fitness studio, the mobile journalist, the stay-at-home chef, the local car dealership, your local house of worship… and the list goes on!

Introducing Cinamaker – it’s a major game-changer!

Cinamaker has raised the bar in making videos. Thanks to its advanced video processing technology and its applications, it’s much easier and more affordable because you can use a mobile multi-camera video production setup that would otherwise require countless hours of planning and complexity.

Impossible? Hardly. I tried it out myself and loved it! And so will you. Check out the video above. It was all made with Cinamaker on set at VidSummit 2019 with the help of Gary Baker, President & COO at Cinamaker, based in California.

Cinamaker opens up a world of opportunity and enables you to adapt to doing business and staying connected with the marketplace especially in uncertain times.

Cinamaker comes with some top-notch benefits!

Cinamaker is an iPad-based video production console that is portable, fast, easy, fun, and affordable for anyone who wants to make professional-grade video. It merges multi-camera mobile video recording and editing into a simple app enabling professional-level results, while saving you countless hours of production and costs.

You’ll even be surprised how easy it is to use with multiple iPhones! Yep! You read it right.

If you’ve ever tried editing video and hated it, well, I have another surprise for you… this tech does it all for you in real time while you record on multiple cameras!

One big advantage of Cinamaker is you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and more.  You can set it up in no-time and easily broadcast multi-camera live video production. The social algorithms love it, it saves you countless hours of script writing, editing, the user interface is very intuitive, and it’s suitable for beginners and pros alike.

With Cinamaker you can hit three birds with one stone!

In one word… EXCITING!

What you need to make videos with Cinamaker

Get started with as little as an iPad and up to 4 iPhones to create some awesome video productions.

You can also use more sophisticated equipment if you want. But it’s not necessary, especially if you’re on the move, or need to shoot on the fly because your iPhones serve as your high-end cameras and audio recorders. Just use a good Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go!

Cinamaker consists of two main apps:

Cinamaker Director Pad and Cinamaker Capture.

Download the Director Pad app on your iPad and the Capture app on your iPhones.

The Director app is where all the magic happens.   It turns your iPad into a multi-camera live video switcher for recording video and audio, live streaming, and serves as a digital asset manager for editing professional-grade video. All this at your fingertips!

Cinamaker Capture is the iPhone companion app to Director Pad. The name says it all. It allows you to connect and synchronise each iPhone for recording video with up to eight audio connections.

Preview live and remotely control all of your cameras, start and stop recordings, start and stop live streams, easily switch between cameras, mix audio, add media assets and graphics like brand logos and lower thirds, live-edit and render your videos in no time.

You can also use digital cameras, camcorders, or professional cameras in addition to recording on an iPhone or iPad.

Get Cinamakin’

This technology breaks the norms and debunks all roadblocks when it comes to the perceived complexities, resources, and production costs associated with making videos. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to make video that stands out.

As a video marketing professional, I am convinced Cinamaker levels the playing field and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to produce professional quality videos.

So, start Cinamakin’ and you’ll be off to the races!

Download the app and start telling your story. Share it with the world and make a difference!  It’s never been easier.

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