“Ordinary people like me use video to decide on a future purchase.”

My name is Scarlet and I just joined APEX for a video marketing internship this summer. This is my first week as an intern at APEX and I am very excited about all the new things I will be learning about the video marketing industry.

I am 22 years old and I am currently studying at SBS, the Swiss Business School in Switzerland. My bachelors degree will be in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve lived in South Africa and in Switzerland.  This has helped me become an internationally-minded individual. Living and travelling abroad gave me the ability to understand different cultures and to appreciate life in Switzerland.

Mr. Dokianos, the owner of APEX Video Marketing, visited my University for a lecture on video marketing. When listening to his presentation, I was hooked by the many things that video marketing offers people and businesses.

Ordinary people can use video to decide on a future purchase. It also gives them the opportunity to share and express opinions about what they see to the online community and to businesses alike.

Businesses can attract greater attention from potential customers with video and have access to statistics about their video performance at any given moment – this includes knowing how many people have watched their video adverts, where they are from, and on what device.

“Video marketing is important to me because I realise that it impacts my everyday life.”

I took the initiative to ask Mr. Dokianos for an internship and was glad to know later that I would be joining his team for 8 weeks. In addition to gaining experience for myself, I intend to bring a different perspective on how young people see and use video.  Through my own experience, I wish to give additional advice on how I think businesses and the video marketing sector could improve.

Video marketing is important to me. It impacts my everyday life because I tend to buy things after watching videos on YouTube. It’s quite typical of me to check product reviews on the internet before purchasing a product. However, I don’t think that video marketing is used enough, especially in Switzerland from my observations.

Businesses haven’t fully understood the importance of video; my belief is they think it is too expensive and it is too difficult to implement. Quite the contrary, video marketing is not too difficult and expensive. Everyone can make videos affordably and relatively easily with the technology available today. All you need is some creativity and some basic training on how to get your video seen once it has been produced.

“Making great videos is the first thing you need for effective video marketing.”

As an intern at APEX Video Marketing, I want to make business people aware how important video marketing is because I believe it can benefit any business to become even more successful.

Making great videos is the first thing you need for effective video marketing. This internship gives me the opportunity uncover first-hand the tips and tricks that make videos stand out.  I get the chance to produce my own videos as part of my internship assignment. As a future business leader, I believe Swiss businesses and other businesses around the world would benefit from video and need skilled video marketing experts to get them solid results with video online.

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If you want to make great videos for your business and be found online, or if you want to sell a product or service using video but don’t know where to start, get in touch with me directly. Ask for my name and I will coordinate with the experts at APEX Video Marketing to provide you a free consultation and a personalised strategy to get you started. I have entrusted my practical video marketing education with APEX, and so can you!

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