VidSummit Video Marketing Event Comes to Zurich!

VidSummit is the world’s largest annual video marketing event and YouTube conference. And this year it literally goes worldwide and it’s taking on Zurich!

As a YouTube creator, strategist, producer and owner at APEX Video Marketing, I took on the responsibility of producing VidSummit Zurich together with my partners and putting it on the map, right here in the heart of continental Europe.

I’m delighted that Derral Eves invited me to present and run with a VidSummit production here because it gives us a chance to add a more international flavour to the VidSummit community. In addition to that, it helps give exposure to creators like my YouTube friend EDWAN (aka Raphaël Tuor) and digital business leaders like Sven Platte, CEO of and

As luck would have it, I also have the pleasure of standing on the same stage as previous YouTube content creators and industry experts like by Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, and Gary Vaynerchuck.  This year includes my favourites Derral Eves, Mr. Beast, Shonduras, Tim Schmoyer, Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin, Owen Video, Ricky Ray Butler, Roberto Blake, Tom Martin, Tom Breeze, Mark Robertson, Brian Johnson, and the list really goes on!

So don’t miss this year’s line-up of industry insiders for all the latest YouTube and video content tips.

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Why Zurich?

Zurich is an important hub for online video in Europe because Switzerland presents a great opportunity to test-market in 3 different languages. Zurich is also an important hub for Google and YouTube in continental Europe. With more than 2000 employees and a pretty cool campus, this is where YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps are developed. So, we do love that!

Introducing the European Stage

VidSummit Zurich Presenters

EDWAN Music Raphael Tuor Headshot VidSummit 2020
Having lived, studied, and worked in several countries, I am sharing my experience and am presenting a Global Channel Growth Strategy: How to cash in on global audiences.  Global audiences represent a powerful and untapped opportunity to expand a YouTube channel.  This translates into incremental revenue for businesses, brands, and Creators that focus heavily on their market place, only because they limit their video content to their native language.

Raphaël Tuor (aka EDWAN) has a great story to tell. He has grown his YouTube channel beyond 100 thousand subscribers and reaches out to a global audience. This is quite an accomplishment for an independent Swiss creator. He makes videos about how to create digital music together with his famous feline mascot, Luigi.  My favourite part of his story is that he found a need to help people and he did it all in English, considering French is his mother tongue.

His presentation is about “NOT Being A Perfectionist And How To Go From 0-100K Subscribers And Make Money” on YouTube. It is sure to be quite interesting, especially to younger audiences. But this should not discourage businesses because the 9 tips he shares apply to everyone. So take note!

Sven Platte also has an amazing story. Growing up as a young boy he was often side-lined at school. Sven took on a personal transformation and reached levels in his personal and business development beyond his wildest dreams.  He owes much of his success to lots of studying and reading online books and discovering an opportunity with online coaching books and courses, just when it was still in its infancy online.

Today, he runs a 9-figure online business and is making a difference in people’s lives. His business offers a digital marketplace for courses from high profile coaches and gurus like Anthony Robins. His VidSummit presentation is about “Video Monetizing on Steroids”.

Vidsummit is Creating Opportunities and Forging Collaborations

VidSummit Zurich Partners

VidSummit Zurich Production Team

As we all know, the Covid19 pandemic has forced businesses to reinvent their business models and to be nimble. And as far as VidSummit goes, well, we normally would have been live on location in Los Angeles. But this has presented the opportunity of going virtual and going global. So this opportunity has not only brought new speakers to light, especially from Europe, but it has also created jobs.

We shot VidSummit Zurich at the newly created LimeRiver Studio, in collaboration between APEX Video Marketing and Ewa Ming and her team. Together we hope to entice small to medium sized businesses to embrace the power of video. At the same time, VidSummit created jobs for video production partner Greg Bächi at Magic Motions who is my trusted videographer for all business here in Switzerland.

Lastly, I owe a lot of thanks to the CEO of Cinamaker, Benjamin Novak and his team for having supported our multi-camera production at VidSummit Zurich, without whom this would not have been possible at such short notice.


So join us and don’t miss this year’s line-up of industry insiders for all the latest YouTube and video content tips. Make sure to register for VidSummit 2020 here

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