Use these tools to go global with video

In my VidSummit Worldwide 2020 presentation, I take you through some of the resources you can use to create a strategy and workflow to go global with video.

Note: Remember that what you do on YouTube may also apply on Facebook video and other video platforms.

So here are some of the resources and tools I presented at VidSummit 2020 on how to cash in on global audiences:

YouTube Closed Captions / Subtitles

Make sure you are using subtitles. It’s the easiest place to start.

You can see how I manage closed captions/subtitles on my YouTube playlist here:

WARNING – Avoid using YouTube generated automated subtitles.  But don’t switch off closed captions/subtitles all together. You need to have manual captions for your videos even in your own native language. Make the effort to do this.

Delete the automated captions. But before you do, you may want to download the automated captions into text format as it may save you time transcribing them. Plus they may give you some comic relief when you see how YouTube transcribes your voice to text.

Tube Buddy and VidIQ

Tube Buddy and VidIQ are awesome tools to help you manage and optimise your YouTube channel. They are a must for using the keyword meta tags and video description translator tools.

Subscribe to the premium versions to get access to the tag tools.

TubeBuddy – (Affiliate link – help support my channel)

VidIQ – (Affiliate link – help support my channel)

Language Translators

Video Translation and Transcription Services

Splasheo – Video captions made easy  (Affiliate link – help support my channel)

REV – On demand captions, transcriptions, and subtitles

Designrr – Video transcriptions and much more! An excellent tool I use for transcribing my videos from voice to text in *.srt format and lots more! (Affiliate link – help support my channel)

YouTube Tools

Go to your YouTube Studio to access the tools below:

  1. YouTube analytics
  2. YouTube closed captions
  3. YouTube Geography

Google Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool –

Google Trends (international) –

Video Dubbing

Papercup – AI and human dubbing tool

I have just started using it and it does a good job. Check out my Spanish sample clip here:

VidSummit Worldwide

VidSummit Worldwide banner

Get the replays of VidSummit Worldwide here:

VidSummit Worldwide is a YouTube conference and video marketing event that has been aptly named as such and it’s no coincidence. Let’s face it, online video is a world phenomenon. And regardless of which country your business is in, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t think about creating videos with a global mindset.

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I am releasing more videos on taking your channel global very soon!

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Have you been to VidSummit? What is your biggest takeaway?
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