What is Cinamaker Studio?

Cinamaker Studio is a powerful app that makes multicam live streaming, video conferencing, and video productions easy, fast, and affordable.  It empowers businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, educators, houses of worship, and many more, to produce videos like the pros with multiple cameras using your iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac.

Cinamaker Studio empowers businesses and marketers

If your business is struggling right now because of the current state of the world, multi-camera video may help you to reach new audiences and keep engaged with your current customer base.

Face it! We’re all primed for video because we’re all going to YouTube these days specifically to research or learn more about our next purchase for example. And the masses are already using video conferencing and video live streaming to get their message out, to stay in touch, and to keep connected. So it makes sense for marketers or businesses to capitalise on video with a simple and powerful mobile app like Cinamaker.

Make multicamera videos like the pros!

Cinamaker Studio is very simple compared to other apps and software out there. It doesn’t take long to learn at all because it’s very intuitive.

Stream to popular social media channels like YouTube and Facebook, or even to your own private portal. The video quality compared to other apps or browser applications is simply excellent. Do some simple edits on the app itself, or export the videos to Adobe or Final Cut Pro with a touch of a button. What a time saver!

The best part is, you can do live edits while switching between camera angles.  You don’t have to worry that much about post-production. You basically can do two things at the same time.  And that’s how you save time and money, and look like a pro.

Why is LIVE streaming important?

One main advantage with doing a live stream is you don’t have to prepare as much as you do for a recorded video production.  In short – when you go live, you shoot it and “forget it” –  it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s done. Your live streams are saved automatically on social media and people can then watch the recording. Cool stuff!

Believe it or not, live streaming multi-camera videos with Cinamaker saves time, money, and lots of aggravation. It raises your viewers’ experience just like on professional TV shows and productions. In addition to live posting and chatting, live audio and video interaction offers an unequalled level of human interaction.

Well-produced livestreams enable businesses and marketers to be one step ahead of the competition. Going live proves your credibility. The more you do, the better you get.  It shows how well you know your topic, your market, and your target audience.

We’re only human

A live stream humanises you and your business. And YES, lots can go wrong. Mistakes may be made. But that’s ok. The reality is, you know your stuff.  And once you’re over the stumbling block of, “what will people say if I screw up?” you’ll find viewers see the authentic you. So just get over it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun with it.

Reward yourself in knowing you’ve pioneered your way as an authority in your marketplace – nobody can say anything to the contrary. And by the time your competition gets in on the game, you’ll already be one step ahead.

Cinamaker multicam app takes web conferencing to the next level

Multi-camera video conferencing by Cinamaker opens you up to a two-way conversation with your audience in real time. That’s super powerful when it comes to video marketing online. What Zoom did to overhaul the likes of GoTo Meeting or Skype, Cinamaker is that next step up when combined with a suite of popular webinar or video calling apps. I call it Web conferencing 3.0!

There is a long history of multi-camera productions. Look at the nightly news, primetime shows, late shows, and game shows. There’s so many of them. But, we’re talking about much larger budgets, much more technology, and a lot more complexity involved in traditional multi-camera productions.

However, the breakthrough Cinamaker Studio app enables you to connect to web conferencing applications like Skype, Team, and Zoom. And imagine if you actually scrapped the webinar and did it in a show format!

If you are educating, selling, promoting, entertaining, or making an unboxing videos live or recorded, you can use multiple camera angles and address viewer questions and provide answers in a much more fun and engaging way.

Gone will be the days of boring webinars and online presentations. Multicam web conferencing is so much more engaging and multidimensional. So watch this space! More to come soon.

Cinamaker Studio – The bottom line

Cinamaker is levelling the playing field and can help raise your game! Its multicam app enhances your credibility with an elevated production value that may match professional broadcasts at a fraction of the time and cost.

There are lots more exciting things to come with Cinamaker so keep a look out for my next videos and blogs!


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